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Recently, Nuxt released version 2.13.0 which came with a host of new features. The feature I was most excited about was the full static site generation. You may think, "Hey, Nuxt can already generate static sites." and you'd be right but it turns out that the old method was more pre-rendering than static site generation. This release aims to solve that issue and make Nuxt more friendly to full static generation which is especially helpful to us JAMstack folks.

Previously, if you wanted to generate a static site, you would use the nuxt generate command. This would pre-render all your assets into a dist folder which you could serve or deploy for a big performance boost.

Using full static site generation

Nuxt 2.13.0 introduces a new nuxt.config.js option, target which can be set to static to take advantage of the new capabilities. target will default to server for traditional Nuxt SSR applications.

Now when you want to generate a full static site you will be able to use nuxt build after setting the target option to static in nuxt.config.js. After the build finishes, the static site can be generated by using nuxt export. Once the static files are generated you can serve the app using nuxt serve.

If you don't want to set the target option in nuxt.config.js for some reason you can run the build command with the target flag value set to static (nuxt build --target static)

And, that's it. That's all you have to do to take advantage of full static site generation.

nuxt export is set to replace nuxt generate which will be depreciated in Nuxt 3. Right now, generate will remain as a alias to export.

Observations (How it works in the wild)

So far I've set up a new project using the target: static option and upgraded an existing project to use it as well. Both were simple to upgrade and get the full static export working.

The new project had a slightly quicker page load at 1.7 using export while the same minimal project used to clock in at 2.0 seconds. When load times are this quick, 300 milliseconds is a nice improvement. Using Google Lighthouse to benchmark, the page speed score varies between 98-100 for a new project. My existing project which has a few more pages, increased it's page speed score from low 70s to 88-90.


I'm definitely excited about this new feature and already using it for personal projects. As a JAMstack aficionado, I love being able to optimize performance and get faster page loads using a developer-friendly framework like Nuxt. Here's to this and other future improvements sure to come.


New project created with create-nuxt-app using full static site generation Live Demo

Existing project refactored to use full static site generation Live Demo

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